Week 13: UR Knowledge-Able

Instructor Notes

Instructor Notes

Welcome to the final module in this hero’s journey,  Module 05: Conclusions. 

For the next 3 weeks we will revisit some of the broad themes already explored in this course, using a broad lens of New Literacies.   There is a conceptual model for multiple literacies in education today, arguing that there is much beyond traditional reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Information Literacy.  Visual Literacy.  Creative Literacy.

Looking back on the previous modules of INTE5340 we could argue that there is a Digital Storytelling Literacy that is important for modern learners to develop.  A media literacy.  An understanding of media as a creative tool as well as something manipulative and political.  An understanding of the mechanics of digital media – how to make it, break it, and remix it to one’s own devices.  An understanding that digital storytelling is ubiquitous and that this is the water in which we live.  While this is daunting, being media literate also brings a recognition that the mediascape can be leveraged for the greater good – nurturing empathy, creativity, culture, and learning.  As educators we are responsible for understanding this, and paying it forward.

So I wonder…

How does one become knowlege-able (this week’s Wesch video) in a ubiquitous knowledge-base of connectivity?  How do we nurture autodidacts that are effective and capable; and resistant to media manipulation?  How can we prepare learners to be resistant to doctrine of any sort? (this week’s Future Learning video).

Now that we all are knowlege-able in this class I’d like to exercise a bit.

We will spend the next three weeks exploring New Literacies with a social learning/autodidact approach.  I’d like to crowdsource how we spend our time on this module.   I’m giving you some broad direction and guidance in the process; but I want you to determine what we do with weeks  14 and 15.  Week 13 (this week) will be spent doing some of our regular tasks but also challenging you to plan weeks 14 and 15.  I have outlined some criteria and requirements, but ultimately – it’s up to you.

  • Godzilla you are in charge of week 14.  You have your own Slack channel, a Padlet page where you can share/vote on ideas; and Zoom at your disposal.  Figure it out.

  • King Kong, you are in charge of week 15.  You have your own Slack channel, a Padlet page, where you can share/vote on ideas; and Zoom at your disposal. Figure it out.

  • I am in charge of week 16, our final week.  Don’t worry, it will be relaxed – some review and reflection and time to wrap-up your Final Project and Final Reflection.

Both teams are required to complete their task by Sunday this week.

All students are expected to participate and contribute to their respective group.

I’ll be watching, participating, and guiding as we go.  Let’s get to work!

We do have some videos to watch this week (below), but no articles to read.  Your participation and discussion time should be spent in  your teams – planning our final weeks together.


Class Podcast


Class Soundtrack

This is a collaborative playlist in Spotify.  If you have a Spotify account (free), I will invite you to contribute, but it’s not required.  This is tied to a few class activities and will evolve based on your ideas and input.


Open in Spotify   



We’ve used Twitter extensively in past versions of this course, but it is no longer required.

We’ll keep using #inte5340 if you want to post and share things here – it’s useful for connecting with #inte5340 and #ds106 communities as well as the Social Fiction Challenge.

If you post to Twitter, be sure to use #inte5340 so we can find it.



Weekly Watch

Knowledgeable vs Knowledge-able | Future Learning
(highlight video title above to discuss | click on playlist icon to pick videos )

Weekly Tasks

(1) Watch and annotate the videos in the Weekly Watchlist (above).

(2) Complete the Weekly-Thing.   Each week we will ask you to do a small thing related to this week’s topic.  The Weekly-Thing is posted to the #mixtape channel on Slack each Tuesday.  Find it.  Do it. Post it to the #mixtape channel.  

No weekly-thing this week.  Focus on your team project instead.

(3) Read & annotate the following article(s) within your assigned hypothes.is group:

No articles this week.  See instructor notes above. 


(4) Complete a Challenge from the Challenges-list that you haven’t completed already. Your stretch is more important than your art.  Make it.  Post it to the #module04 Slack channel.

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