Week 12: The New Constructionism

Instructor Notes

Instructor Notes

This week we wind-up our look at digital storytelling as a Culture Machine.  We began with remix-culture and transitioned to fake-news-culture; and are coming full-circle with new-constructionism.   This idea isn’t new to our study, but is interesting to consider as a cultural phenomena.   That is, we are living in an era of auto-didactic culture and creativity; balanced against rigid school structures and their own flavor of big-data mining (standardized tests).

Ironic, my kids are taking the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests this month and report to me that their teachers are stressed.   Teachers are pressuring them; referencing the importance of these tests and the importance that the kids focus.  The class got in ‘extra trouble’ this week because they were being too loud while others were taking the PARCC.  Get in line.  Sit in rows.  Be quiet and listen.  My kids hate school, and it seems many of their teachers do too.  This is the culture – an anesthetic culture (Sir Ken Video).

Counter this with the DIY culture of today’s youth.  Learners  are more independent and capable than any other time in history; they find it, watch it, make it, learn it and master it instinctually; in the digital space.  They are auto-didactic.  This is their culture – an aesthetic culture (Sir Ken Video).

It seems the cultures are moving in polar directions and makes one wonder where this leads.


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Weekly Watch

Participatory Culture & Education | Changing Educational Paradigms
(highlight video title above to discuss | click on playlist icon to pick videos )

Week Two Tasks

(1) Watch and annotate the videos in the Weekly Watchlist (above).

(2) Complete the Weekly-Thing. Each week we will ask you to do a small thing related to this week’s topic. The Weekly-Thing is posted to the #mixtape channel on Slack each Tuesday. Find it. Do it. Post it to the #mixtape channel.

(3) Read & annotate the following article(s) within your assigned hypothes.is group:

Donaldson, J. (2014). The Maker Movement and the Rebirth of Constructionism. Hybrid Pedagogy. Retrieved from https://hybridpedagogy.org/constructionism-reborn/

Darvasi, P.  (2016). The Ward game: How McMurphy, McLuhan and MacGyver might free us from McEducation. Teacher pioneers: Visions from the edge of the map, 64-94.

(4) Summarize & Reflect on your growth & discovery in this module.

On your blog, summarize your learning, productivity and participation for the past 3 weeks. This will be the basis of your module grade. Demonstrate evidence of your effort and creativity – tell me, show me, and sell me.

Embed ALL of your creations in the blog post. This should be a gallery of your work for this module.

Explain your hero’s journey of the past 3 weeks using a mix of media. Any combination of text, graphics, audio, video, etc. Consider week 1 (orientation); week 2 (hero’s journey); and week 3 (renovations) in your post.

Answer all of the following questions:

  1. What was your favorite topic, article or video? Why?
  2. What was the best hypothes.is discussion? Why? Provide quotes.
  3. What was your favorite creation from a classmate? Who impressed you? Why?
  4. What did you make and what tools did you use? (challenges, dialogs, weekly-thing)
  5. How did you challenge yourself? What was your biggest stretch?

Post a link to your blog post in the #module-04 Slack channel when done.




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