Week 10: Remix Culture

Instructor Notes

Instructor Notes

In Module 04: Culture Machine we will circle back on storytelling as an age-old tradition and producer of shared values and shared beliefs.  Shared narratives shape us more than we realize – be this in church, politics, families, or any tribe where we belong – our stories define us.  Stories guide our actions.  The stories we embrace create unity and conflict.   This process has been with us for centuries, and in the digital realm it provisions some unique twists and turns as it is exponentially amplified.  Everyone has voice.  Tribes are empowered and organized.  

Austin Kleon

This week we will focus on Remix Culture, a sub-culture that helps define digital storytelling itself.  A remix is essentially taking something old and making some upgrades so that it is new again.  Redefined.  On GitHub this is called forking code.  On HGTV this is called house-flipping.  In the music biz this is called sampling.  In biology this is called evolution.  In digital-storytelling it is called remix, and in education this is a form of constructionism.   Heck, in academe this is called citation and reference.

In the digital space these mutations happen rapidly and primarily for entertainment value, however these are exemplary of Henry Jenkin’s theories of participatory culture, and are a powerful teaching and learning model.  Building upon one another.

These are the basic elements of creativity: copy, transform, and combine.


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We’ve used Twitter extensively in past versions of this course, but it is no longer required.

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Weekly Watch

Everything is a Remix
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Week Ten Tasks

(1) Watch and annotate the videos in the Weekly Watchlist (above).

(2) Complete the Weekly-Thing.   Each week we will ask you to do a small thing related to this week’s topic.  The Weekly-Thing is posted to the #mixtape channel on Slack each Tuesday.  Find it.  Do it. Post it to the #mixtape channel.  

(3) Read & annotate the following article(s) within your assigned hypothes.is group:

Knobel, M., & Lankshear, C. (2008). Remix: The art and craft of endless hybridization. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 52(1), 22-33.

(4) Complete a Challenge from the Challenges-list that you haven’t completed already. Your stretch is more important than your art.    Make it.  Post it to the #module04 Slack channel.

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