Week 01: Orientation

Instructor Notes

Instructor Notes

Welcome to INTE5340: Digital Storytelling & Learning! I hope you’re ready for a different-kind of course.  Our subtext is to explore teaching and learning outside-the-box with a variety of learn-by-doing and social-learning methods.  We are going to make things, break things, and share things each week.

Each page will follow this format, with a tabs (above) for my notes, module notes, class podcast, and our soundtrack.  Your tasks for each week will be listed in the panel below.  I will update these pages each week, generally on Sunday.

I often post announcements and sample stories in the class podcast, so check it often. If you use Soundcloud for any of your work, I will add your track here.   For now, I have front-loaded the playlist with some stories from other sources, including previous iterations of this class.  Please give some of these a listen – this will give you a better sense of our trajectory.

Module Notes

Module 01: Context

In this module we will establish the context for this course.

  • Week 01: Orientation – We’ll take some time for introductions to one another and the conventions used in this course. (Scavenger Hunt Challenge)
  • Week 02: The Hero’s Journey – We’ll explore the traditional story structure of the Hero’s Journey and how that translates to the student’s journey.  (Challenge – your pick)
  • Week 03: Digital Storytelling – We’ll review digital storytelling itself; exploring established practices, tools, and applications in the classroom. (Summary & Reflection)


Class Podcast


Class Soundtrack

This is a collaborative playlist in Spotify.  If you have a Spotify account (free), I will invite you to contribute, but it’s not required.  This is tied to a few class activities and will evolve based on your ideas and input.


Open in Spotify   



We’ve used Twitter extensively in past versions of this course, but it is no longer required.

We’ll keep using #inte5340 if you want to post and share things here – it’s useful for connecting with #inte5340 and #ds106 communities as well as the Social Fiction Challenge.

If you post to Twitter, be sure to use #inte5340 so we can find it.



Weekly Watch

Story Wars | What is Slack? | Hypothes.is Intro

Weekly Tasks

  1. Watch all videos in the Weekly Watch Playlist (above)
  2. Review the Module Notes, Podcast, and Soundtrack tabs at the top of this page.
  3. Review the syllabusschedule, and tech-requirements for the course.
  4. Check out a sampling of INTE5340’s Greatest Hits, from course alumni.
    1. Understanding Comics (graphics) via Paloma Ramirez
    2. Parenting Timeline (mixed-media) via Robin Romero
    3. Sourdough Bread & Remix Culture (video) via Paul Zastrocky
    4. Family Ethnography (mixed-media) via Mandy Genetti
    5. Lonely Orphan (video) via INTE5340 Fall17
    6. Sketchnote Topic (video) via Jessica West
    7. Is this Legit Radio Commercial (blog post/audio) via Jasmine Yap
    8. 10 Ways – Jaberwocky (mixed-media) via Anne Elias
    9. Remix a Classmate (mixed-media) via INTE5340 Sum17
    10. INTE5340 Horror Story (social fiction) via Jasmine Yap
  5. Complete your first course Challenge – The Scavenger Hunt.  This challenge will walk you through various activities in getting set-up for the course, including blog set-up, Slack access, hypothes.is setup, and some introduce-yourself activities.  See you on the inside!

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