Week 07: Finding Voice

Instructor Notes

Instructor Notes

This week we shift from studying the mediascape as a whole and focusing on the individuals within.  How does the mediascape impact us as individual learners?  How do we as individuals leverage this great knowledge-network that is the Internet?    Here we shift from studying the water – to studying the behavior of the fish within it, and so goes our next 3 weeks with  Module 03: Digital Identity.   

[153/366] Hello, World!This week we will focus on a theme of Finding Voice.  This touches on the power of personal narrative not only as educational and reflective; but therapeutic as well.  We look at how digital storytelling gives voice to those who may not otherwise have it and provides new opportunities.  In many ways this week could also be called  Finding Literacy, as we consider literacy in its broadest definition, i.e. the ability to effectively communicate and relate using media.  The ability to have and to produce empathy using media.


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Class Soundtrack

This is a collaborative playlist in Spotify.  If you have a Spotify account (free), I will invite you to contribute, but it’s not required.  This is tied to a few class activities and will evolve based on your ideas and input.


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We’ve used Twitter extensively in past versions of this course, but it is no longer required.

We’ll keep using #inte5340 if you want to post and share things here – it’s useful for connecting with #inte5340 and #ds106 communities as well as the Social Fiction Challenge.

If you post to Twitter, be sure to use #inte5340 so we can find it.



Weekly Watch

(1) Draw My Life (2) Digital Youth (3) My Voice
(highlight video title above to discuss | click on playlist icon to pick videos )

Week Two Tasks

(1) Watch and annotate the videos in the Weekly Watchlist (above).

(2) Complete the Weekly-Thing.   Each week we will ask you to do a small thing related to this week’s topic.  The Weekly-Thing is posted to the #mixtape channel on Slack each Tuesday.  Find it.  Do it. Post it to the #mixtape channel.  

(3) Read & annotate the following article(s) within your assigned hypothes.is group:

Starks, K., Barker, D., & Cole, A. (2016, September). Using Twine as a Therapeutic Writing Tool for Creating Serious Games. In Joint International Conference on Serious Games(pp. 89-103). Springer, Cham.

(4) Complete a Challenge from the Challenges-list that you haven’t completed already.  Use either video or web as your media – your choice.    And don’t forget, this is where I want to see you  S T R E T C H yourself.  Your stretch is more important than your art.    Make it.  Post it to the #module03 Slack channel.

NOTE: After this week the Challenges-list is going to evolve.  The list as it is this week will change.  A new list of Challenges will emerge – a little more challenging.


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