Final Project

From the Syllabus:  The Final Challenge is due before the end of the course, and is a point equivalent to a full module (15 points).  This is a mixed-media story that leverages a combination of audio, video, web, and graphics to tell a story or teach a lesson.  This could be transmedia with parts of the story on separate media platforms; this could be cross-media with all of media collected into one.  But you do need to use them all.

The topic and focus of your story is up to you (and me).  Your first step is to explore some ideas for your story and how you want to architect it.  Pick something that has genuine meaning or use for you.

Is it a serious game?  Is it a digital ethnography of your family?  Is it an interactive-lesson for your students? Maybe, your life story?

What platform(s) will you use?  I’ve seen great projects done  with Twine , StoryMap , and Timeline.  Maybe create your own Pokemon Go with Metaverse, Aurasma, or Aris ?  It’s not that hard.

You tell me. Tell us.  What story do you plan to tell, and how do you plan to tell it?  Make your story-pitch to the class in the #3-open-discussion channel before March 31st.  Tag it with #project-pitch. Likewise, give your classmates feedback on their pitch – help one another think it through.   I want to see your story-pitch AND I want to see your feedback to your classmates ideas.

Ultimately,  I need to approve your project before you proceed.  I will DM you in early April to finalize the project and then you have about a month to bring it to life.

You’re welcome. 


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