About Me

I am a career educator and technologist with 20+ years teaching, learning and thinkering with blended learning and digital media.  I hold a BA in Journalism, an MA in Communications and have worked in K-12 and Higher Education in Texas, Louisiana, California, Oregon, and Colorado.  Most generally I work, play, teach, and learn with digital media & learning. I experiment and play regularly on the interwebs and can often be found running in circles with EDUCAUSE, the New Media Consortium, the Digital Pedagogy Lab, and The Future of Storytelling.

Today I serve as the Assistant Dean of Information & Academic Technology in the CU Denver School of Education & Human Development where I lead the development of digital programs, courses, and faculty; as well as overall IT Operations.  I also currently lead a campus-wide faculty professional development initiative funded by Chancellor Horell to explore critical digital pedagogy @ CU Denver via the thinqstudio.

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